When your game is ready for release, maximize your chances for success and make your game stand out.

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Prepare for Pre-Launch

Consider the benefits of a smaller, staged pre-launch of your game to get feedback and make improvements. Methods can include contests and seeding your game to key early players.

Review Your Marketing Plan

Whether you have a budget for large campaigns or are relying on word of mouth, understand your options for marketing your game. Be creative and work hard - it's time for your game to shine.

Marketing Your Indie Game

Get advice and tips including how to contact the gaming press and get your game publicized on social media.

Intel Games Showcase

Intel offers co-marketing benefits for game developers, including a showcase of games and apps that have caught our attention.

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Plan Pre-Launch Activities

It’s never too early to think about ways to get your game noticed, such as early access, crowdfunding, and smaller market launches for early feedback and refining before the full launch.

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Make a Marketing Plan

Plan how you're going to publicize your game once it's released. Do you have a website and social media presence? Are there any YouTube* members, Twitch* streamers, or others in the enthusiast press that you can get some early impressions from? What other channels make sense to publicize your game?

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Marketing Your Indie Game

Explore Contests and Co-Marketing Opportunities

There are many game contests and companies that do co-marketing with great games. Explore your options, and pursue the ones that make the most sense for you.

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Intel Games Showcase
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Watch Out for Common Launch Mistakes

You can probably think of one or two games that had a rocky launch. It pays to learn from someone else's mistakes–not to poke fun, but to see what you can learn for when it's your turn.

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