Make your work sustainable, whether that means a full time gig, a side hobby, or something in between.

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Understand Revenue Models

There might be as many different ways to make money on games as there are games, but some methods are more popular than others, and they all have their own pros and cons. Do some research on the different approaches, and select one that's right for your game.

Monetization Checklist - Do You Have Everything Covered?


Research Game Monetization Models

Understand the different options available for monetizing your game.

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Choose the Right Model for Your Game

What are the most important factors for your game? Maximizing audience or profit? What about your needs as a developer - is this a fun side project, or something that needs to pay the bills? Think about your requirements, and then select a monetization method.

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Consider Career Options

There are lots of options for a career in game development that don't involve starting out on your own. Whether you're looking to get started, or try something new, there are more paths than ever to a satisfying career as a game developer.

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