Connecting to IBM Watson IoT* with Node-RED*

This section contains steps to set up a simple Node-RED* flow and view the results in an IBM Watson IoT* Quickstart dashboard.

This section is geared toward users working with Intel® IoT Gateway Software Suite.

  1. Now that you've installed the IBM Cloud* package, you need to restart the Node-RED service so it can pick up the newly installed nodes. Run the following command from the gateway’s console:

    systemctl restart node-red-experience
  2. To load the Node-RED interface, click Administration on the navigation ribbon. Click Launch under the Node-RED icon.

  3. In the Node-RED interface, click the menu icon in the top right corner of the window. Choose Import > Examples > ibm watson-iot > Time Inject.

  4. Add the Time Inject example to the current flow. Click the red Deploy button to start running the flow.

  5. Double-click the IBM IoT Device node to open the configuration settings for the node.

  6. Click the link icon in the configuration dialog box to navigate to the IBM Watson Quickstart dashboard for your Quickstart ID.

  7. When the IBM Watson Quickstart dashboard loads, view the live data being sent from the gateway.

Congratulations, you are sending data to the cloud!

Next Steps

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