Step 2: Run Setup Tool

The setup tool can flash the latest firmware on the Intel® Edison development board via a convenient wizard.

Terminology 101

  • Firmware is the operating system of embedded microcontrollers. The default firmware on the Intel® Edison board is a version of Linux* built using the Yocto Project*.
  • Flashing is the process of overwriting the firmware on the board's memory, much like applying system updates on your computer.

Are you running an RPM-based distribution of Linux*?
The setup tool is compatible with Ubuntu* Linux* distributions but not RPM-based distributions, such as CentOS*. Instead, continue with the instructions to flash your board using the manual process.

Do you have a different OS?
Go to the setup tool step for Windows* 64-bit, Windows* 32-bit, or Mac OS X*.

Are you using Android Things*?
Android Things* (formerly called Brillo*) is an alternative operating system from Google* based on Android that can run on the Intel® Edison board instead of the default Linux* OS built using the Yocto Project*. Go to the System Image Downloads page to get Intel® Edison image for Android Things*.

Download and Install Pre-requisite Tools

Download the latest Yocto* Poky Image

The setup tool looks for the previous version of Yocto* Poky image. Prior to installing and running the setup tool, you need to download and extract the files of the latest (patched) Yocto* poky image.

  1. Go to the page and select the Latest Yocto* Poky image link under Intel® Edison Module Firmware Software Release 3.5.
  2. Create the Image directory within your working directory named Edison here:

    $ cd ~/Edison
    $ mkdir Image

  3. Go to the Downloads folder, move the downloaded image file to the newly created Image directory.:

    $ cd ~/Downloads
    $ mv ~/Edison/Image

  4. Move to the Image directory, extract the image files and delete the .zip file:

    $ cd ~/Edison/Image
    $ unzip
    $ rm

Download and Run the Setup Tool

  1. Get the latest setup tool for Linux* from listed under the Installers heading.

  2. Move the downloaded file to your working directory, named Edison here:

    $ mv Intel_Edison_Setup_Lin_2016.2.002.tar.gz ~/Edison

  3. Move to your working directory (named Edison here), and extract the downloaded tar.gz file.

    $ cd ~/Edison
    $ gunzip Intel_Edison_Setup_Lin_2016.2.002.tar.gz
    $ tar -xvf Intel_Edison_Setup_Lin_2016.2.002.tar

  4. Move to the setup tool directory and run the script.

    $ cd Intel_Edison_Setup_Lin_2016.2.002
    $ sudo ./

  5. Follow the setup tool on-screen instructions. Click Next where needed.

  6. The Flash Tool searches for the Yocto* Poky image which is now replaced with the patched version that you downloaded earlier. When you select the Flash Firmware button, select the option Select the local image and provide the path to the edison-image-edison.hddimg file in the Image directory.
    Indicating the path to the image file
  7. When requested by the setup tool, plug in your board to your computer using the device mode cable.

    Photographic diagram for setting the microswitch for device mode
    On the Arduino* expansion board: The microswitch is toggled down towards the two micro USB ports. A USB cable with a micro-B type connector can now be plugged into the top micro USB port, and the other end plugged into your computer.

    Device mode for mini breakout board
    On the mini breakout board: Plug in a USB cable with a micro-B type connector, and plug the other end into your computer.

    Is the setup tool not detecting your board?
    A step-by-step troubleshooting guide can be found in the Troubleshooting and Tips section.

  8. The setup tool will attempt to flash your board. The entire flashing process may take up to 5-6 minutes.

    Due to many factors (although mainly related to USB drivers), sometimes the setup tool cannot flash your board.

    Intel® Edison board did not update warning message

    If you get an error message about an unsuccessful image update while using the setup tool, use the manual process for flashing your board in the Troubleshooting and Tips section.

  9. When the setup tool is finished, you can close it.

    The setup tool is not just for initial setup.
    If you want to re-flash or update the firmware on your Intel® Edison board in the future, you can re-run the setup tool.

Keep Going

Your Intel® Edison board should now be up-to-date with the latest firmware. Start communicating with your board; continue to Step 3: Connect over UART/Serial.

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