Step 3: Choose IDE

Choose and install the integrated development environment (IDE) to program your Intel® Edison board.

Which programming language will you use?

The IDE you use to program your board depends on the programming language you want to develop in. The choices are:

  • Arduino*: Arduino is an easy-to-learn, open source C++-based programming environment. It is convenient for quickly adding sensors, taking advantage of the sensor code that is already available. Since the Intel® Edison board is Arduino-pin compatible, there are also plenty of shields to choose from. The Arduino IDE is the application of choice for programming with Arduino. See Installing the Arduino IDE.
  • JavaScript* and Node.js*: These languages are great for creating web interfaces and to make devices talk to one another. They also work well in cloud connectivity. We provide the Intel® XDK to program in JavaScript and Node.js. It comes with easy-to-use project templates to jumpstart your IoT projects. See Installing the Intel® XDK.

Next Steps

See the Intel® Edison Board User Guide for steps to perform typical developer tasks like troubleshooting and working with your board. For example, you can find information on how to manually flash your board if you encounter issues with the setup tool, and how to connect to your board using a serial terminal to access Linux commands.

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