Get Started with the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit (Beta)


The Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit provides:

  • Powerful libraries for high-fidelity and high-performance visualization applications
  • Binary packages for open source code
  • Executable tutorials for demonstrating some capabilities

The following components are included in this toolkit:

Learn what you can do with the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit:

  • Check executable tutorials in your installation directory <install_dir>/<component_name>/<version>/bin. For example, if you installed the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit to the default installation directory, the ospTutorialBouncingSpheres tutorial executable for Intel® OSPRay is located at /opt/intel/inteloneapi/ospray/2.0.0/bin. Tutorial executables generate visual results that demonstrate capabilities of the rendering libraries.

    To run a tutorial from a terminal, navigate to the tutorials directory with the cd command and run a tutorial executable. For example, to run the ospTutorialBouncingSpheres tutorial of Intel OSPRay:


  • Check case studies, trainings, and more at

  • Check open source links for code samples at the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit page.

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