Intel® System Studio 2018 Getting Started Guide for Linux* OS

Intel® System Studio 2018 – The Big Picture

For device manufacturers, system integrators, and embedded application developers, Intel® System Studio 2018 provides a comprehensive set of software development tools that can be used to create solutions based on Intel architectures. It includes a unified and easy to use IDE based on Eclipse* with Intel extensions to make your experience consistent across all phases of the development cycle.

Intel® System Studio 2018 is available in three editions, each with a specific focus:

  • Composer Edition: Application Development
  • Professional Edition: Application Development and Profiling and Analysis
  • Ultimate Edition: Application Development, Profiling and Analysis, and Hardware System/Platform Bring Up

If you are an Internet of Things (IoT) developer or building your project in a container for a Linux* OS target, see Intel® System Studio 2018 Gold User Guide for Project Building in Containers and Running on Linux* with C/C++ for detailed instructions.

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