Intel® System Studio Get Started Guide for macOS*

Launch Intel System Studio

To launch Intel® System Studio for a Linux* target, double-click the shortcut on your desktop or run one of the following launcher scripts:

  • Linux host: /opt/intel/system_studio_2020/

  • Windows* host: C:\IntelSWTools\system_studio_2020\iss_ide_eclipse-launcher.bat

  • macOS* host: /opt/intel/system_studio_2020/

Create Your First Project

Follow the instructions in this guide to develop the following types of projects on a macOS* host development system.

Click for instructions to create a ... Description
C/C++ project for a Linux* or Android* target Create applications for embedded IoT Linux targets, regardless of the OS on your development system, using Docker* containers with fully configured compile and build toolchains.
Java* project Create Java projects to run on Linux targets.


You might not have all of the tools and libraries mentioned in this guide. To download additional Intel® System Studio tools and libraries, visit the product page on the Intel Developer Zone.

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Intel® System Studio Code Samples and Tutorials

The sample code and tutorials available for download guide a new user through basic product features. Sample code illustrates common code inefficiencies and the corresponding tutorials show how the performance analysis products can be used to solve issues.

Additional Documentation

Use the online documentation for the latest content.

A downloadable ZIP file containing all Intel® System Studio documentation is available for offline use from

Intel® System Studio Product Page

Visit this page for support and the latest online documentation.

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