Get Started Using the OpenVINO™ Toolkit with Intel® System Studio

This guide is for developers who are interested in using the Intel® System Studio Eclipse*-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the OpenVINO™ toolkit to develop Computer Vision and Deep Learning optimized applications.

Process Overview

The sections of this guide step you through each part of the process – from installing prerequisites to running or debugging a project.

  1. Prerequisites

    • Check the system requirements and install Intel System Studio on your host system.
    • Launch Intel System Studio.
  2. Create and Build a New Project in Intel System Studio

    • Create a custom Docker* image that will enable you to build OpenVINO applications in Intel System Studio.
    • Select a sample and build the project
  3. Prepare Your OpenVINO Target System

  4. Troubleshooting


  • Host system: The local system on which you’ve installed your development tools. It has a graphical interface for access.
  • Target system: The system on which you run an application during development and test.

A target system can be the same as your host system (local) or a separate system that can be accessed on the network by the host system (remote).

Related Information

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