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Improve your game's performance by quickly identifying problem areas.

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System Analyzer

Isolate common bottlenecks that affect your game's performance in real time.

Graphics Frame Analyzer

Visualize multiframe stream captures and select a frame to analyze down to the draw call level.

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers SDK

A command line and scripting interface allows users to access frameworks that expose capture and playback functionalities in Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers. Capture multiframe streams, analyze stream data, generate reports, and automate profiling within continuous integration (CI) systems to spot or flag performance regressions.

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Resource History Tips

Hone your game development skills with quick tips. See how the components work together for examining game performance.


Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers is compatible with games built in Unity* and Unreal*. Optimize these games to increase frame rates and improve game performance for the optimal playing experience.

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Customer Success Stories

Space Pirate Trainer Runs Four Times Faster

Intel GPA helped this hit VR game achieve 60 FPS on a Microsoft Surface Pro* while maintaining good visual quality. The title performance significantly improved on integrated graphics from Intel, making the mainstream VR version of the game a reality.