Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)

Graphics Performance Analyzers

Analyze, Optimize and Debug Games and Media Applications

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Powerful Graphics Performance Analyzers

System Analyzer
Analyze CPU, Graphics API, and GPU performance and power metrics.

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Graphics Frame Anaylzer

Graphics Frame Analyzer for DirectX
Perform single-frame analysis and optimization for Microsoft DirectX* game workloads.

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Platform Analyzer

Platform Analyzer
View where your application is spending time across the CPU and GPU

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Graphics Frame Analyzer for OpenGL*
Perform single-frame analysis and optimization for OpenGL ES* and OpenGL game workloads, as well as identify rendering problems in games, track down errors, and identify complex state-related and frame content problems.

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Features of Intel® INDE

A powerful cross-architecture, cross-OS productivity suite to quickly and easily create applications targeting Android* and Windows* devices


Features of Intel® System Studio

Deep system-wide insight into power, performance, and reliability that helps accelerate time to market of Intel Architecture-based mobile and embedded systems and embedded applications

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