Debug, Analyze, and Optimize Games

Improve your game's performance by quickly identifying problem areas in real time.

Resolve issues with game performance

Improve performance with real-time metrics and frame-by-frame analysis

Use with a variety of game engines, including Unity* and Unreal* Engine

Use the full potential of your favorite platform while improving a game's frame rate and performance with this free download. Featuring a convenient panel overlay, you can quickly identify problem areas and experiment with improvements without having to recompile source code.

System Analyzer
Isolate common bottlenecks that affect your game's performance in real time.

Graphics Frame Analyzer
Analyze performance on a single frame down to the draw call level.

Platform Analyzer
Identify where you can evenly distribute workloads across the CPU and GPU.

Graphics Trace Analyzer
Capture detailed event traces to analyze in your favorite viewer.

Improve Your Game Performance

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