Specify the target application.


-an <application-name>

--app_name <application-name>


<application-name> - the name of the application to analyze, or the corresponding package/activity.


Use this option to specify the application you want to analyze. As an argument, you can use the application name or the package/activity corresponding to the target application. The app_name option is mandatory for metrics collection.

Related Options

You can use app_name together with the following options: device_name, csv, config, timeout, wait_app, run_time, adb_path


gpa_console_client -dn B3E8BDE8 –an “Angry Birds HD” -csv metrics.csv -cfg metrics.cfg -ct 60 

In this example, Intel® GPA connects to the B3E8BDE8 target device to analyze the Angry Birds HD application, collects the metrics specified in a metrics.cfg file for 60 seconds, and saves the result into the metrics.csv file.

gpa_console_client -dn B3E8BDE8 –an com.rovio.angrybirds/com.rovio.ka3d.App -csv metrics.csv -cfg metrics.cfg -ct 60 

This example performs the same operation, although you specify the package/activity name instead of the application name.

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