CPU Metrics

CPU metrics help you understand how much of the CPU resource is being used by your application.

The table below lists all Device I/O metrics that you can analyze with Intel® GPA.






Metric Name


Aggregated CPU Load Represents the percentage of time that all cores of the CPU are being utilized by any application on the device.

Improving Performance

When the Aggregated CPU Load metric is high but the Target App CPU Load metrics is low, check whether another higher priority process on the device is taking time away from your application.

CPU n Load Represents the CPU utilization metric of the target system reported per CPU for all processes. There is one metric per each core on the system: CPU 0 Utilization is the core utilization of CPU 0, CPU 1 Utilization is the core utilization of CPU 1, and so on.
CPU Frequency Is dynamically scaled by the operating system and usually increases as the result of high CPU load, leading to higher power consumption and lower battery life. Try to optimize the CPU workload of your graphic application while running with a maximum FPS in VSync mode to minimize working CPU frequency.
Target App CPU Load Represents the aggregated (all cores) CPU utilization of the target application.


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