Exporting Metrics Data

With the System Analyzer you can export metric values to a CSV file to post-process these metrics using an appropriate program, for example, Microsoft Excel*.

To export metric values:

  1. Launch the graphical application with the System Analyzer.
  2. Press CSV Export or use the Ctrl+Shift+E keyboard shortcut to start gathering metrics data.
  3. To stop populating the CSV file, do one of the following:
    • Click the CSV Export button
    • Use Ctrl+Shift+E
    • Click Back .

The System Analyzer automatically generates a unique file name for saving the metrics data. The filename consists of two fields: the name of the game executable and the export date and time, in the format <executable name>_<date_time>. For example: My_Game_2012_02_17__11_25_14.csv.


All created CSV files are saved on the host system with the .csv extension, and by default reside in your Intel® GPA home directory:


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