Get Started with Intel® GPA


Use the Get Started document to run basic system and frame analysis using your own application:



    • GPU metrics collection limitations:
      • If more than one application are launched from Graphics Monitor simultaneously, GPU metrics are collected only for the application on the foreground.
      • If the System Analyzer is attached to a running application or the System View, GPU metrics are collected for the application, to which the System Analyzer is attached.
      • If a frame is open in Graphics Frame Analyzer in parallel with an application launched from Graphics Monitor, GPU metrics are available only in Graphics Frame Analyzer.
      • For applications, which use Intel® Metrics Discovery API, Intel® GPA does not collect GPU metrics by default. To enable GPU metrics collection by Intel® GPA, disable the GPU Metrics Collection by Target Application toggle button in the Graphics Monitor.
    • To get GPU metrics for Vulkan-based applications in the Graphics Frame Analyzer on Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04, enable the Vulkan VK_INTEL_performance_query extension. For detailed instructions, please see Known Issues and Limitations.


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