Getting the List of Available Android* Metrics

To get the list of all metrics available for your target device, run the command:

gpa_console_client -am [<config-file>]


-am [<config-file>],

--android_metrics [<config-file>]

Generates the list of the metrics available for your target device. The optional <config-file> argument specifies the name of the generated file with the list of metrics. If you do not specify the <config-file> argument, Intel® GPA returns the metrics list to stdout.


You can use the generated file as a configuration file for metrics collection. To specify the metrics you want to collect, simply remove the redundant metrics from the file, or comment them out using the # symbol.



gpa_console_client –am metrics.cfg

This example generates a metrics.cfg file that lists all the metrics available for your target device.

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