Getting the List of Target Applications

To view the list of the applications you can analyze on your target device, run the command:

gpa_console_client -al [-dn <device-name>] [-t <wait-time>] [-adb <adb-path>]


-al ,  
Returns the list of the available applications to stdout, specifying the corresponding package name and the main activity for each application.
-dn <device-name> ,
-device_name <device-name>
Specifies the name of your target device. You can skip this option if you have only one device connected to your analysis system.
-t <wait-time> ,  
--timeout <wait-time>
Optional. Specifies the time interval, in seconds, during which Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers try to connect to the target device.
Default: 10 seconds
-adb <adb-path> ,
-adb  <adb-path>
Optional. Specifies the path to the Android* Debug Bridge (adb) tool.


gpa_console_client –al -dn B3E8BDE8

This example displays the list of applications available for analysis on the target device B3E8BDE8.

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