gpa_remote_server Command-Line Syntax

The gpa_remote_server for system analysis of Ubuntu* targets has the following syntax:

gpa_remote_server [-i <IP-address> [-p <port-number>]]


-i <IP-address>,
--white-ip <IP-address>
Specifies the host system IP address.


You can omit this option if you are analyzing your local Ubuntu system (your host and target systems are the same).

-p <port-number>,
--port <port-number>
Optional. Specifies the port number to use for the incoming connection.  
By default, Intel® GPA uses the 27072 port for all the connections. If this port is unavailable, you can use the -p option to  specify a different port.


To view help for gpa_remote_server from the command line, enter:

gpa_remote_server -h

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