Identifying Unsupported API Extensions


If you are analyzing an OpenGL* ES application, the target system to test against must be connected to your host system. This is required to calculate metrics data. Metrics data is only available for devices based on the Intel® Processor Graphics.

When developing OpenGL/OpenGL ES* applications, you might find that some of your target system do not support certain API extensions. Thus, while your application runs flawlessly on one device, it might crash on another. Graphics Frame Analyzer allows you to check your application compatibility with different systems with little effort. Using this tool, you can capture a frame on one system and then validate it against other systems for which your game is targeted. This allows you to test your application's compatibility with various systems and Android* devices that could have different video cards and software installed.

To check whether your system supports all extensions used in the frame:

  1. Start the Graphics Frame Analyzer.
  2. In the Open Frame Capture window, choose the target system against which you would like to test your frame.
    Graphics Frame Analyzer collects information about all commands the selected system supports and compares them to the API calls used in the captured frames. If the player cannot replay any of the API calls, the frame capture thumbnail receives the  marker.
  3. Select the frame capture with the marker.
    The unsupported extensions are listed below the frame image in the Frame preview pane.
  4. Open the frame capture to see which function in the frame uses the unsupported extensions.

If Graphics Frame Analyzer shows that your platform does not support certain extensions, using these extensions in the frame can result in rendering issues that otherwise might not occur. For example, extensions that result in visual changes, such as different texture formats or shader extensions, might cause geometry issues. You might need to change your application code before proceeding to further analysis and debugging.

Next Steps

  • Create frame capture files with Graphics Monitor, if you changed your application code.
  • Locate API Errors, if you want to proceed with the analysis.

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