Locating API Errors and RAW Hazards in Your Game

Graphics Frame Analyzer allows you to locate API errors quickly in the analyzed frame.

To find API errors in the frame:

  1. Review the API log in the Profiling view to see whether any function has caused issues. Graphics Frame Analyzer highlights such functions using the following color scheme:
    • orange markers denote warnings
    • red markers denote errors

    You can review the entire call stack for each draw call by clicking the black triangle next to the draw call number.

  2. Select the marked functions in the API log to review all resources related to these functions in the Resource viewer in the central pane. You can go directly to the highlighted function by clicking the colored marker in the scrollbar.


    Click the Show all toggle button above the API log to view all functions in the frame. You can use Up/Down arrow keys or Page Up/Page Down keys for easier navigation. 

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