OpenGL*: Analyzing System Data

Using the System Analyzer,  you can analyze system-level metrics on your Ubuntu* target system as follows:

  1. Run the System Analyzer on your host system.
  2. On your target Ubuntu system, run the gpa_remote_server command-line tool from the /opt/intel/gpa/SystemAnalyzer/bin directory, or use the gpa-remote-server alias to run from any directory:

    gpa-remote-server -i <IP-address> -p <port-number> where:

    -i option specifies  the IP address for the incoming connection.

    If your host and target systems are the same, you can omit this option, or enter to connect to your local system.

    -p option specifies the port for the incoming connection. By default, Intel® GPA uses the 27072 port for all the connections. If this port is unavailable, you can use the -p option to  specify a different port.

  3. Connect the System Analyzer to your target system using the specified IP address  or  localhost.
    System Analyzer shows Memory, Device I/O, CPU system-level metrics. For detailed information on the available metrics, see the Ubuntu* Metrics section.


To view command-line help for the gpa-remote-server tool, run:

gpa-remote-server -h

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