Pane: Metrics

In the Metrics pane, you can analyze metrics information for the selected events. If nothing is selected, Graphics Frame Analyzer displays the total values for the entire frame. If metrics are unavailable for your platform, the Metrics pane is hidden from view.


If you are analyzing an OpenGL* ES application, the target device to test against must be connected to your host system. This is required to calculate metrics data. Metrics data is only available for devices that are based on Intel® Processor Graphics.

To switch between different views, click the corresponding tab on the Metrics pane:

  • 3D Pipeline tab - groups all metrics by specific hardware blocks that are used for geometry rendering. To see detailed information, click the corresponding block, such as Shader Execution or Rasterization. The information will be displayed at the bottom of the pane.
  • Compute Pipeline tab -  groups all metrics by specific hardware blocks that are used for computing processes.
  • Current Selection tab - displays metrics for the current selection in a table format.
  • Full Frame tab - displays all metrics in a table format.


    The 3D Pipeline view and Compute Pipeline view are only available when you select draw or dispatch calls, respectively; otherwise, you can only see the metrics in a table format. The corresponding notification message displays in the 3D Pipeline tab and Compute Pipeline tab.

Graphics Frame Analyzer features a bottleneck analysis. Bottlenecks are indicated in the 3D Pipeline tab and Compute Pipeline tab with a colored underline:

  • Red underline denotes a block with a primary bottleneck for the current selection or entire frame, if nothing is selected.
  • Yellow underline denotes a block with secondary or potential bottleneck.

Description of the discovered bottleneck can be found at the bottom of the Metrics pane.


When you experiment with the frame, metrics values update immediately to reflect the introduced changes. While metrics values are recalculated, the values are grayed-out.

Metrics in the Metrics pane tabs can be filtered or added to the Favorites:

To filter metrics, type the required metric name into the Type Filter Expression field.

To add metrics to the Favorites, pin the required metric in the metrics list. Favorites group is created when a metric is pinned, and is not present by default.


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