Pane: Metrics Chart (OpenGL/OpenGL ES* Workloads)

The Metrics Chart pane contains up to 16 charts that visualize the values for various metrics collected by the System Analyzer. By default, two charts are displayed: one containing the Frame Time metric, and the other one is empty.


Once you customize the chart area, System Analyzer saves your settings and restores them the next time you run the analysis.

The sample Metrics Chart below has been customized to display four charts with stacked metrics:

Each chart displays a graph for the selected metrics over time. An interval between dark-blue vertical lines corresponds to one second. The shaded area around the graph represents the range of min/max values for the current metric value.

The "chart details" field provides the following metric data for each chart:

  • metric name and units
  • minimum value ("L:")
  • current value
  • maximum value ("H:")

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