Platform Analysis

If your mobile app is CPU-bound, you can capture trace data during the application run to perform in-depth platform analysis with respect to the CPU and GPU activity distribution. Intel® GPA collects real-time trace data during the application run and provides information on the code execution on the various CPU and GPU cores in your system, so that you can analyze some CPU-based workloads together with GPU-based workloads within a unified time domain. With Intel GPA, you can:
  • Explore GPU usage per process at each moment of time
  • Analyze OpenGL* ES calls (draw calls, buffer locks, resource updates, presents)
  • Correlate CPU and GPU activity and identify whether your application is GPU or CPU bound
  • Explore your application performance for user tasks created with the Intel® ITT API
  • Identify GPU and CPU application frame rate and how it depends on vertical synchronization
  • Explore the performance of your application per selected GPU metrics over time
Intel® GPA provides the following tools for platform analysis:
  • Graphics Trace Analyzer - this tool supports ARM*-based devices in addition to devices based on Intel Atom® processors with PowerVR* Graphics or Intel Processor Graphics. With Graphics Trace Analyzer, you can also analyze trace files for Ubuntu* desktop applications.
The typical workflow for analyzing OpenGL/OpenGL ES* applications is as follows:


Set up your device for analysis

  1. Set up Android Debug Bridge (adb) USB connection and connect your device to the host system via a USB cable.
  2. Launch System Analyzer.
  3. Connect System Analyzer to your Android device.


Configure Platform analysis

  1. From the System Analyzer window, select an application to analyze.
  2. Your application is started on the device.
  3. Select metrics to monitor for your application.


Run Platform analysis

From the System Analyzer window, click the Capture Trace button to create a trace file. By default, the trace duration is 5 seconds.


View collected data

  1. Launch Graphics Trace Analyzer.
  2. Select and open a captured trace file:
    • Open Graphics Trace Analyzer and then select any available trace file in the menu. All traces are sorted alphabetically (not by time taken).
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