Samplers Bottleneck

The Samplers Bottleneck metric represents the percentage of time that the texture sampler is a bottleneck. The sampler is stalling Execution Units (EUs) due to a full input FIFO and starving EUs due to a lack of results.


This metric is unreliable when protected HD media content is being played back on a system with Intel® HD Graphics 5000/ 4600 / 4400 / 4200, Intel® Iris® graphics 5100, or Intel® Iris® Pro graphics 5200 configuration.


If Samplers Bottleneck is 90, then the texture sampler is a bottleneck (stalling some EUs and/or causing other EUs to idle) 90% of the time.

Improving Performance

The following techniques could improve the texture sampler performance:

  • Reducing the size of textures by using a lower resolution or lower color precision (such as RGBA4444 instead of RGBA8888).
  • Using texture compression to reduce the amount of memory to transfer textures.
  • Using mipmapping, so that smaller textures (mipmaps) can be used.
  • Reducing the number of textures in the scene.
  • Using a different filtering algorithm.

For example, anisotropic filtering is more expensive to compute than a simpler algorithm, such as bilinear filtering To help minimize overhead in this area, capture a typical frame while the game is running, use this frame as input to the Graphics Frame Analyzer, and try one or more of the following techniques:

  • The 2x2 Textures experiment in the Experiments tab to see if textures are a bottleneck.
  • The Texture tab to see the texture size, format, and mip level.


This metric might show incorrect results and will be disabled with the next driver update.

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