Selecting an OpenGL ES* Application for Analysis

To start analyzing an OpenGL ES* application:

  1. Run the System Analyzer and connect it to your target system.
  2. In the System Analyzer Connection dialog box, select a connected Android* device from the list and click Connect


    If you are analyzing an OpenGL ES* application running on an Android* device, you must have an active Android* Debug Bridge USB connection between your host system and the target device. For details, see Setting up Android* Debug Bridge USB Connection.

  3. Click the application in the Analyzable applications list to initiate the connection between the System Analyzer and the application on the target system.
    The application starts running and displays the Waiting for Debugging progress message.
  4. Wait for Intel® GPA to attach to this application. It might take several minutes, so do not interrupt this process.
    Once the System Analyzer is connected, you can inspect metrics in real time and create frame capture files for further analysis with the Graphics Frame Analyzer.

To select a different application, click Back. The running application is forced to close.

To switch to a different target system, click Back again and enter the system IP address, or choose another device from the list.


To analyze an application from the Non-analyzable applications list, you need to modify the application permissions first. See Preparing OpenGL ES Applications for Profiling for details.

Next Steps

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