Tab: Desktop Applications

To access the Desktop Applications tab, click the Desktop Applications tab on the Graphics Monitor Launcher Screen.

In this tab, you can choose and launch a desktop application for analysis with Intel® GPA.

  • Application list: list of recently run applications. Each application is introduced by its icon, name, and/or command line arguments. You can remove an application from the list by clicking the X button.
    • Command Line field: the path and file name of the application you want to analyze; you can also add command-line options for the analyzed application.


    If a command line argument is specified and a path to an executable contains spaces, put the path in quotation marks.

    • Working Folder field: the directory in which to run the application. This is useful for games that use a launcher or mission packs located in a different directory than the game files.
    • Environment Variables field: set environment variables.

    • Tracing button: click this button to enable tracing and change the Application Startup Mode to trace capture

        • Frame (OpenGL). Choose this mode to monitor real-time metrics and capture a frame.

        • Start button: launches the selected application.


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