Using Graphics Frame Analyzer Plugin Interface for Profiling

Use Graphics Frame Analyzer Plugin Interface to mark specific events and resources.

Intel® GPA provides default plugins and enables you to use custom plugins.


Graphics Frame Analyzer Plugin Interface is compatible with Python* 3 only.

Default Graphics Frame Analyzer plugins:

  • Event by Metric Value: searches for API calls within the specified metric range.
  • Format: searches for a resource of the specified format.
  • Frame Time: searches for a frame of the specified duration.
  • Subsequent Barriers: searches for subsequent ResourceBarrier calls.
  • Transitions to Common State: finds barriers that transform into common state.
  • Zero Pixel Write: searches for draw calls that write 0 pixels into Render Target.

To apply a Graphics Frame Analyzer plugin, do the following:

  1. Open a frame for analysis in the Graphics Frame Analyzer Profiling View window.
  2. Enter = into the Type Filter Expression field.
  3. Select a plugin from the drop-down list of available plugins.
  4. Define arguments of the selected plugin.
  5. Press Enter.

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