Window: Profiling View

Use Profiling View to identify performance opportunities in the analyzed frame.

To access the Profiling View window, select the frame for analysis in the Open Frame Capture window, and then click Open, or double-click on the frame preview.

Information panel

Displays the opened frame data, notifications, opens the Intel® GPA Online Help, restores the default view, and changes the Intel® GPA color scheme.

Visualization pane

Displays the sequence of captured events in a graphical format based on GPU metrics.

API Log pane

Displays the list of all graphics API functions used in the frame in the GPU execution order and parameters of each function.

Resources pane

Displays all resources used by the selected graphics API functions.

Metrics pane

Displays metrics information for the graphics API functions.

Experiments pane

Discovers potential performance bottlenecks in your application by modifying render states within the graphics driver.


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