Clock Domain API

Some applications require the capability to trace events with user-defined timestamps and frequencies different from the timestamps and frequencies generated by a CPU, for example, to instrument events that occur on a GPU. For the purpose you can create a clock domain.

To create a clock domain, use the following primitive:

__itt_clock_domain * ITTAPI __itt_clock_domain_create(__itt_get_clock_info_fn fn, void* fn_data)

Parameters of the primitive:



Pointer to a callback function that retrieves alternative CPU timestamps and frequencies and stores the timestamps and frequencies data in the clock domain structure field __itt_clock_info



Argument of a callback function; can be NULL

Tasks issued from different clock domains are shown on the same timeline by synchronizing a referenced clock domain base timestamp captured at the moment of clock domain creation and a CPU timestamp captured at the same time.

To recalculate clock domain base timestamps and frequencies, if necessary, for example, when a GPU frequency changes, use the following primitive:



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