Pane: Experiments

In the Experiments pane, you can isolate potential performance bottlenecks in your application by modifying render states within the graphics driver.


You can only perform experiments if metrics data is available for your target system; otherwise, the Experiments pane is hidden from view.

2x2 Textures Identifies potential performance bottlenecks caused by texture maps used in your application. All sampling textures for a scene are replaced with 2x2 texture containing four different colors.

Simple Pixel/Fragment Shader Replaces every pixel/fragment shader with the fragment shader that writes a constant color to all render targets.

1x1 Scissor Rect

Bypasses pixel processing from the rendering pipeline: if the frame rate does not increase when this experiment is enabled, then a complex geometry or vertex shader is a bottleneck.

Disable Event(s)

Keeps the selected events from being rendered. This experiment can help you test scene efficiency.

For details, see Experiment with Render States.

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