Pane: Metrics Charts

This information only applies to analyzing Windows* OS workloads.
System Analyzer HUD displays several kinds of metrics:

  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000 and Intel® HD Graphics GPUs:

    • CPU

    • DirectX

    • GPU

      • Execution Units

      • Geometry ShaderInput-Assembler

      • Main

      • Memory

      • Output-Merger

      • Pixel Shader

      • Rasterizer

      • Texture Sampler

      • Vertex Shader

    • Power Metrics

  • Non-Intel GPUs and Intel GPUs prior to Intel® HD Graphic

    • CPU

    • DirectX

Metrics are displayed in the form of sparklines.

They provide the following information:

  • Metrics name

  • Instantaneous values (white)

  • Minimum metrics values (red)

  • Maximum metrics values (green)


    The minimum and maximum values displayed reflect the min/max during the last seven seconds.

System Analyzer HUD may make available only the default set of metrics that it provides on non-Intel GPUs, even when using Intel® HD Graphics, in the following cases:

  • On non-Intel GPUs and on older Intel GPUs such as Intel® GMA 4500/X4500/X4500HD/4500MHD, only the default set of metrics is available

  • The application is using the Microsoft DirectX* 11 API, but is forcing it to use feature level 9. This is also known as DX11-on-9 mode.

  • The application is using the WARP rasterization (Windows* Advanced Rasterization Platform).

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