Tab: Universal Windows Applications

To access the Universal Windows Applications tab, click the Universal Windows Applications tab on the Graphics Monitor Launcher Screen.

In this tab, you can choose and launch a universal Windows* application for analysis with Intel® GPA.

  • Application list: list of recently run applications. Each application is introduced by its icon, name and ID (in round brackets). You can remove an application from the list by clicking the X button.
  • Application Names drop-down list: select the name of the application you want to analyze. You can search the required application by starting typing its name.

  • Application ID drop-down list: view and select the application ID from the package. This drop-down list is active when there are several IDs in one package. Usually a package contains only one application ID.

  • Package and version field: the package name and version of the application you selected for analysis.

  • Options button: Opens the Options screen.

  • Application Startup Mode field: shows the available startup mode.

  • Start button: launches the selected application.


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