What's New

New Features for Analyzing All Graphics APIs

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) 2019 R3 includes functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version.

All Tools

  • Added User Interface scaling with small, medium, and large scales available.

Graphics Monitor:

  • Added Capture File Location setting to customize frame,stream or trace storage.

Graphics Frame Analyzer:

  • Added new states of output resources. An original state shows the render target without applied experiments, a current state shows the render state with applied experiments, and a diff state shows difference between the current and original states.

  • Added ability to open frames and streams from a non-default folder.

  • Multiframe View Window improvements:

  • Frame screenshots available to ease navigation within a stream.
  • CPU Frame Time metric is replaced with GPU Time Elapsed.
  • Intel® GPU hardware system-wide time-based metrics are available as separate tracks.

Graphics Trace Analyzer:

  • Labels for queue packages are shown by default.

  • Open Trace Capture Window improvements:

  • Graphics Monitor is launched directly from the window to capture traces.

  • Favorite traces can be pinned at the top to be within easy reach.

  • Selected trace can be shown in file explorer.

  • Traces can be opened from non-default folders.

New Features for Analyzing Microsoft DirectX* 12 Applications

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