Window: Platform View

To access this window, select the trace for analysis in the Open Trace Capture window, and then click Open, or double-click on the trace preview.

The Platform View window graphically represents a distribution of performance data over time.

In the Platform view, you can review concurrent execution of all your application threads, as well as correlate CPU and GPU activity.

Trace Title bar

Displays the opened trace file name.

Main toolbar

Displays the opened trace data, notifications, opens the Intel® GPA User Guide, restores the default view, and changes the Intel® GPA color scheme.

Timeline Viewer toolbar

Filters tracks, shows event duration, zooms to the selection and zooms out.

Timeline Viewer pane

Visualizes the opened trace content.

Trace Content pane

Lists the opened trace file content.

Selection Statistics pane

Shows detailed information about the selection in the Trace Viewer pane.




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