Graphics Frame Analyzer


Get powerful, single-frame analysis and optimization with detailed metrics down to the draw call level, including shaders, render states, pixel history, and textures. Experiment with performance and visual impacts without having to recompile your source code.

example of the graphics frame analyzer U I


  • Use the API log to identify visual errors by function and call errors and warnings to graphics APIs
  • Select a draw call and verify its contribution to the frame, alpha channel, color, format, and depth buffers
  • Quantify performance optimization opportunities with render experiments per draw call
  • Solve issues with shadowing, lighting, or color schemes by locating misplaced objects


DirectX* 9, 10, and 11

How to reference reports and charts for a single-frame analysis on workloads. Use the data to adjust target rendering, textures, overdraws, and more.

Note The new 18.1 release does not support remote playback in DirectX 9 or 10.

More Information

DirectX* 12 and OpenGL*

Explore DirectX 12 and OpenGL workloads with a lesson that demonstrates how to resolve a GPU-bound application.

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