System Analyzer

View CPU, GPU, and graphics API performance in real time and quickly identify where your game's performance needs improvement.

metrics for a CPU load


  • Get metrics for CPU, GPU, graphics drivers, DirectX*, OpenGL*, or OpenGL* ES
  • Experiment with override modes that quickly isolate common performance bottlenecks
  • Capture frames and traces for further analysis
  • Display up to 16 performance metrics simultaneously
  • Monitor the current, minimum, and maximum frame rate
  • Use without code modifications or special libraries

Live Analysis Tutorial

Set rules that automatically collect metrics on your game's performance and use these metrics to make adjustments in real time.

System Analyzer Heads-Up Display (HUD) for DirectX* Workloads

C P U load for a target application

View, graph, and configure a panel that shows performance and display metrics.

sample of a frame capture

Capture trace and frame performance.

disabled draw calls

Experiment with real-time solutions for common graphics problems.

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