Why HTML5?

Why HTML5?

Because HTML5 is a future trend in the world of app development, Intel believes it is important to help experienced developers transition to this cross-platform approach and aid new developers to quickly get up to speed with this exciting new approach so that they can deploy their apps & games on nearly all modern computing platforms.

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Bernard m.'s picture
i love htmls

HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript is the next BIG WAVE in app development.

Kean S.'s picture

I noticed this video uses flash and does not work on the XDK I downloaded today 2013-11-17. Does XDK html5 support video?

Amr K.'s picture

No, html 5  support video and audio but I dun know why did they use flash !!!!!!!!!!! 

we are trying to build full apps on html,java script, css ,.... her not flash 

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HTML5 has open itself for CSS3 and JavaScript to use its semantic features to the fullest and the future is right here right now.

BOB RAPHTONE  A.'s picture

wooh html5 is promising for better web app development intel should develop a store for web apps only