Developer Roundtable: The Future of Cross-platform Game Development

Guest Panel

Chris Pirillo, Host (LockerGnome)
Geoff Blair (Lost Decade Games)
Matt Hackett (Lost Decade Games)
Chris Price (iConsoleTV)
Chris Skaggs (Soma Games and Code-Monkeys)

Recorded live at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, California, our guest panel discusses the future of cross-platform game development.

What are the current trends in cross-platform development? How are platforms making it easier on devs to port code? What does the opportunity to be on multiple platforms mean to indie game developers? Will games like Flappy Bird have lasting effects on the market?

If you’re an indie game developer, these are important questions. Our panelists thoughtfully address each issue, and more, to help you bring your hard work to the masses and capitalize on the cross-platform opportunity.

We want to hear from you! What’s your approach to cross-platform development?

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