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Intel® XDK

The easy and fast way to get your apps to market.

Intel® XDK HTML5 Cross-platform Development Tool provides a simplified workflow to enable developers to easily design, debug, build, and deploy HTML5 web and hybrid apps across multiple app stores, and form factor devices.
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Intel XDK is available as a free download for Windows* 7 & 8, Apple OS X*, and Ubuntu* Linux
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HTML5 Game Tools & Services – for everywhere, anytime games
All-in-one development environment to easily simulate, test, tune, and deploy games to many app stores using one code base
  • Game engine support for Construct2*, Cocos2D*, Phaser*, Pixi.js*, and EaselJS* part of CreateJS* Suite to easily import assets and code
  • 3D Games with PlayCanvas* and Crosswalk*
  • Game Asset Manager to easily access, manage, and manipulate game assets
  • Google Play* Game Services and Apple* Game Center services support to drive engagements, socialize, and reward players
  • W3C* Gamepad API support enables high-impact game interaction using gamepad or joystick devices
  • Game-specific Cordova plugins and APIs to monetize
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Integrated HTML5 Workflow
From idea to app store.
Start creating the next generation of HTML5 apps for the mobile world.

Build cross-platform apps easily for many app stores and web platforms

  • Built on Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript*, and Node-Webkit back-end
  • Hosted on Windows*, OS X* and Ubuntu* Linux*

Jumpstart Development

  • Build on top of existing templates
  • Start with a functional sample
  • Provides examples for both hybrid and web apps

Web Services & Plugins for Content-rich, Interactive apps

  • New plug-in for Sublime Text* gives direct access to Intel® XDK emulator, test, debug, profile, and build tools, from the Sublime Text toolbar menu
  • Easily add web services
  • Monetization services from Google*, appMobi*
  • Deliver enhanced audio with Dolby* Audio API
  • Safeguard data and storage for hybrid apps with App Security APIs
Development made easy.
Responsive apps on any device.
App Dev User
Intuitive UI Design with App Designer
  • Drag & Drop UI Builder
  • Seamlessly jump between App Designer and the code editor
  • Create responsive UIs using jQuery* Mobile, App Framework*, Twitter Bootstrap*, or Topcoat*
Built-in JS editing of UI elements
  • Enables custom JS code editing of the UI element
  • Start with common UI Frameworks: App Framework, JQuery* Mobil, Twitter* Bootstrap, Topcoat*
Accelerate Code Development
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Brackets* Editor
  • Switch between HTML5 project files
  • Auto completion
...or, use your own favorite editor
Expanded Device API Support
App Dev User
Cordova* 3.X - More device capabilities
  • Android*, iOS* Windows* 8, Windows* Phone 8
  • Supports base and third-party Cordova plugins
  • Emulation support for Cordova device APIs
  • Free PhoneGap Build Service
Extends Hybrid Capabilities
App Dev User
Crosswalk* Runtime for Android
  • Web developers can now create applications with native-like performance with WebGL* and WebAudio*
  • Enables better performance, flexibility, and ease of deployment to many app stores
  • Provides native platform and full screen capabilities using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
Essential Debugging Tools
Get your app to the stores faster.
Decrease your testing and debugging time and get your app to market faster.


  • Preview your app while editing in a separate browser window or on your device with Live Preview
  • Use the App Preview app for iOS*, Android*, Windows* 8, and Windows* Phone 8


  • Simulate your app running on different phone and tablet skins
  • Quickly switch to debugger to debug your app

JS Remote Debugger and Profiler for Android

  • Efficiently debug apps remotely with JS Remote Debugger for Android
  • View memory, frames, and events profiling results to get the best performance out of your app
More app reliability.
Work Efficiently
App Dev User
Xlint Platform-Compatibility CSS Checker
  • Reports cross-platform CSS3 compatibility issues
  • Tests against W3C specs for animations, color level, shadings
App Preview on-device Testing
  • Enables on-device testing of hybrid apps on-the-fly
Stay On Schedule
App Dev User
Live Development Side-by-side testing
  • Run your local project files on your USB-connected testing device
  • Automatically push your files for quick iteration cycles
  • Use live layout viewing to instantly see styling and layout changes you make to your CSS and HTML
On-device simultaneous testing while creating and editing the app over Wi-Fi or USB, on Android* and iOS* devices
Easier Build, Fast Deployment
Building mobile apps for any platform, made easy.

Select your target store and build! Your app is ready for deployment

  • For Android* devices, build with Crosswalk*, an open source web-runtime to greatly improve your media and games apps with high-performance WebGL* and WebAudio* support
Easier Build
App Dev User
Build Hybrid and Web Apps
  • Write Hybrid or Web apps once, and deploy to many app stores
Faster Deployment
App Dev User
Reach More App Stores
  • Apple* App Store
  • Google* Play
  • Nook* Store
  • Amazon Store
  • Windows Store
  • Tizen Store
  • Facebook
  • Chrome