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HTML5 development environment - develop, emulate, test-on-device and build apps

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Intel® XDK a HTML5 cross-platform solution enables developers to write web and hybrid apps once, and deploy across many app stores and form factor devices.

  • Easy-to-use: Streamlined workflow from design to app store
  • Develop faster: Integrated design, test, and build tools
  • Deploy simply: Across more app stores, and form factors

Intel XDK is available as a free download for Windows* 7 & 8 , Apple OS X*, and Ubuntu* Linux*

Build cross-platform apps easily

Intel® XDK streamlined interface is built on Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript*, and Node-Webkit back-end, runs on Windows*, OS X*, and Ubuntu Linux, without browser or Java* dependencies.

Development Tools

Built-in Intuitive tools that let you design engaging HTML5 responsive apps in less time

  • Quick start theme templates, samples, and demos to speed app design
  • App Designer UI builder, a drag & drop round-trip capable tool
    • Supports jQuery* Mobile, App Framework*, Twitter Bootstrap*, Topcoat*
  • Brackets* editor with auto-completion and syntax-highlighting
  • Apache Cordova* 3.x API support for Android and Windows 8 Store
  • Integrated GIT source code repository support with the editor
  • Use your favorite JS or CSS library
  • Web RTC, Vimeo* YouTube* data stream widget support, plus Twitter* feeds within Intel XDK

Start with Samples

  • Scalable & Responsive
  • Javascript Frameworks, Web Services, Device hardware access & more
  • Platform Agnostic & Platform Specific
  • Editor & App Designer/App Starter compliant
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Emulate, Test, and Debug Tools

Emulators, debuggers, and profilers to enhance app performance and quality

  • Emulator debugger, JS debugger, and JS remote debugger for Android devices
  • App Preview, On-Device App Tester, and On-Device App Debugger
  • Live Development for simultaneous previewing of app edits with automatic syncing on an Android Device
  • Performance Profiler for Android*, plus Xlint*compatibility static checker support
  • Emulator app testing in 17 different device views with GPS, broadband, accelerometer, and network simulation
  • Crosswalk* web runtime for Android* extends Hybrid app capabilities, enables access to device and native platform features, plus run-time build & packaging service support

Build and Publish to App Stores

Write once, deploy across many App stores and form factor devices

  • Cloud-based build system simplifies packaging of Web and Hybrid built apps for various app stores
  • Publish to many app stores, across many form factors easily ­
    • Apple* App Store
    • ­
    • Google* Play*
    • ­
    • Windows* Store*
    • ­
    • Tizen* App Store
    • Nook* Store (Android)
    • ­
    • Amazon* Store (Android)
    • ­
    • Chrome* Store (web app)
    • ­
    • Facebook* Store (web app)

Get the Intel® XDK

The Intel® XDK is for developers who wish to use their HTML5 expertise to build hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile devices and other platforms that host HTML5 web apps. To get started you must first download and install the Intel XDK on your Microsoft Windows* 7, 8, Apple OS X* or Linux* development system.

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Write Your App

See how easy it is to create an attractive and responsive app using the Intel® XDK. The tool has a variety of different development paths to start your project.

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Emulate, Debug and Test

Intel XDK makes it easy for developers to check the look and feel of their apps with on-screen emulation on a wide variety of devices. The App Tester allows you to test on a physical device.

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Build for App Stores

We've compiled everything you need. Free packaging service for HTML5 apps and Apache Cordova* apps, for Android*, Microsoft Windows*, Apple iOS*, Facebook*, Amazon Kindle*, and other App Stores.

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Intel® XDK Resources

Tutorials, resources, videos and documentation for previous releases:


Full emulator support with built-in Apache Ripple* emulation.

App Designer

App Designer is a UI building tool. It works with multiple UI frameworks ( App Framework, Bootstrap*, jQuery Mobile* and Topcoat*), supports responsive design, has animated sidebars and crossbars, and can be used interactively with the Intel® XDK built-in code editor.

App Starter

A quick-start wizard! Allows you to create an application template, specifying screen layouts, customer headers and footers, and navigation. It will generate the App Framework code for you.

App Game Interfaces

Multi-channel sound, accelerated physics, and accelerated canvas to provide more realistic modeling and smoother gameplay.

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Our tools were built using Apache Cordova* 2.9 APIs, Brackets* Editor, Apache Ripple*, and Node-webkit.

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