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Intel XDK Hello World Sample
The purpose of the Hello World sample is to provide a basic starting point for HTML5 developers just getting started using the XDK to create mobile hybrid apps.
Transform Enterprise Apps for the HTML5 Revolution
Use Intel® Expressway API Manager and Intel® XDK to create apps with the mobility and portability they need.
Why Intel® XDK NEW? (Updated!)
We've been busy incorporating your feedback.
Building Cross-Platform Apps with HTML5
What is a cross-platform app? An application that reaches your customers through whatever device they have in front of them, wherever they are: while using a Windows* PC at work, an Apple* iPad* at the local coffee shop or an Android* phone on the go.
How to import HTML5 apps into the Intel® XDK
Learn how to share apps with your colleagues using the Intel® XDK.
Flood Puzzle Game
Flood is a simple puzzle game implemented as a Single Page App written using HTML/CSS/JS. The object of the game is to flood the entire field with any one color. The flood starts with the top left corner and any adjacent squares that are the same color. When another color is touched (or clicked)...
Porting Counting Beads Web App to Android* using PhoneGap* compatible API and Windows 8* Store App
Counting Beads app is originally a web HTML5 app and downloadable from Tizen* developers site. The final version can be downloaded from github sample-counting-beads, or register the Intel® XDK to check out all the HTML5 samples.
The Intel® HTML5 Game Development Experience at GDC 2013
Get a quick overview of Intel's HTML5 tools and developer experience from GDC. We have an IDE and cloud-based build system that simplify mobile development and cross-platform deployment.
App Designer - Positioning
App Designer is drag-and drop tool for developing application user interfaces with rows and columns as the basic design structure. Various elements such as buttons, input fields, text areas, and more can be dragged into a column that sits in a row. The idea of positioning elements in your...
RPN Calculator
RPN Calculator is an HTML/CSS/JS app that provides a functioning calculator using Reverse Polish Notation, as was common on classic HP calculators. In addition to basic calculator functionality, this app provides a theming option that demonstrates the power of CSS3 for controlling the look and feel...