Industrial Automation

Software, hardware, tools, and reference implementations help industrial developers meet the demands of the future by turning ideas into competitive advantages.

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Reference Implementations and Code Samples

Follow these reference implementations to deploy end-to-end industrial IoT solutions.

Use computer vision to observe a restricted work area.

Automate the process of identifying manufacturing irregularities on a conveyor belt.

Observe employees and send alerts when safety is at risk due to operator distraction.

Perform local or cloud analytics on motor performance issues.

Detect manufacturing anomalies of objects on a conveyor belt.

Use computer vision to observe activities in a store, factory, or warehouse.


Industrial IoT Workshop

Get a glimpse into the workshop hosted in Milan, Italy, where participants learn about industrial protocols and sensors, computer vision, time-sensitive networks, and more.


Workshop Materials

The presentations from our in-person workshop are available to everyone. This workshop covers the latest industry topics including:

  • Software-defined industrial systems
  • Security for industrial IoT
  • Computer vision


Industrial IoT Developer Webinars

These recorded webinars are available for you to explore. Build connected industrial IoT solutions by learning about:

  • Sensors
  • Protocols
  • Analytics
  • Computer vision


Developer Kits

Choose from these developer kits for your industrial solutions.

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

These IDEs help developers create IoT solutions for industrial automation and extend their development by debugging, tracing, optimizing, and analyzing their code.

Intel® System Studio

Industrial IoT solutions require a cross-platform tool suite that can help increase application performance, optimize power efficiency, and speed your time to market.


Arduino Create*

Get set up quickly with this cloud-based IDE from Arduino* that fully supports Intel® libraries and Intel®-based platforms and enable new capabilities for development.

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SDKs to Speed Up Your Development

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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Develop industrial solutions that emulate human vision. Based on convolutional neural networks, the toolkit extends workloads across Intel® hardware and maximizes performance.

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Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)

This SDK includes highly vectorized and threaded linear algebra, fast Fourier transforms, vector math, and statistics functions that increase application performance and reduce development time.