Rebuild and Rerun Analysis

Intel® Inspector is a dynamic memory and threading error checking tool for users developing serial and multithreaded applications on Windows* and Linux* operating systems. This topic is part of a tutorial that shows how to find and fix threading errors using the Intel Inspector and a Fortran sample application.

To check if your edits resolved the problems in the Data race problem set:

Rebuild the Application

  1. In a terminal session, change directory to the nqueens_fortran directory.

  2. Type make nqueens_threading_debug.

Rerun the Analysis

To run another analysis of the same analysis type: In the Intel Inspector standalone GUI, choose File > New > Threading Error Analysis / Detect Deadlocks and Data Races.

The Summary window automatically displays after analysis (both collection and finalization) completes successfully:

Summary window

Notice the Intel Inspector:

  • Created a new result tab: r002ti2.

  • One of the original problem sets is now gone.

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