Specify the directory where the application will be run.

GUI Equivalent

Intel Inspector standalone GUI menu: File > Project Properties... > Target tab > Application Launch Directory


-app-working-dir <PATH>


A string containing the PATH/name for the application.


Defaults to the current working directory.

Actions Modified

collect, collect-with


Use the app-working-dir action-option when performing a collect or collect-with action to run the application in a directory other than the current working directory during profiling. The process uses the specified directory to run the application, then returns to the current working directory. This option is especially useful when the application and data files are stored in different locations.


Run a memory error analysis that answers the question Does my target have memory access problems? . The collection process changes to J:\myAppDirectory to run the myApp application, uses source files found in the directory specified by the search-dir option to finalize the result, writes the result in the default result directory, and then returns to the current working directory to create the inspxe-cl.txt Summary report file.

$ inspxe-cl -collect mi2 -app-working-dir J:\myAppDirectory -search-dir src:=.\mySources -- myApp
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