Choosing Projects in the Intel Inspector GUI

Intel Inspector is based on a project paradigm and requires that you create or open a project to enable analysis features.

To choose an existing project:

Do one of the following:

  • From the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI menu:

    • Choose File > Open > Project.... Browse to and select the appropriate config.inspxeproj file, then click the OK button.

    • Choose File > Recent Projects, then choose the appropriate config.inspxeproj file.

  • From a command prompt: Supply the appropriate config.inspxeproj file as an argument to the inspxe-gui command. This action launches the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI if it is not already open.


  • Intel Inspector displays the project name in the title bar.

  • Intel Inspector features are enabled.


Some possible next steps include:

  • Review or reconfigure project properties.

  • Configure an analysis.

  • Open an existing result.

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