Convert a third-party suppression file for use with Intel Inspector.

GUI Equivalent



-convert-suppression-file -from <PATH> -to <PATH>


from <PATH>

The PATH/name for the third-party suppression file (input) that is to be converted. This can be either a Purify or a Valgrind suppression file.

to <PATH>

The PATH/name for the new suppression file that is output after conversion to the Intel Inspector suppression file format. If no file extension is specified for the output suppression file, .sup is used.

This may be an absolute path, or a path relative to the current working directory. Both the from and to paths must be specified.


Use the convert-suppression-file action to convert a Rational Purify* or Valgrind* suppression file to the Intel Inspector suppression file format. Both the from and to pathnames must be specified. The default file extension is .sup.


Convert the Purify suppressions file my_old_suppressions.purify and save it in Intel Inspector suppression file format as "/suppressions/mySup"my_new_suppressions.sup.

 $ inspxe-cl -convert-suppression-file -from my_old_suppressions.purify -to "/suppressions/mySup"mySup
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