Generate a suppression file for all detected problems in the specified result.

GUI Equivalent



-create-suppression-file <PATH>


A string containing the PATH/name for the suppression file. This may be an absolute path, or a path relative to the current working directory. If no file extension is specified, .sup is used.


Use the create-suppression-file action to generate a suppress-all file for every problem detected in the specified result, regardless of problem state settings. The most recent result in the current working directory is used by default, or you can use the result-dir action-option to specify the result.

Once you have generated this suppression file, it can be applied when running analysis from the command line or GUI, and when generating a report from a result in which these problems were not suppressed.


Generate a mySup.sup suppression file for all detected problems in the specified r002ti2 result, and saves it to the standard location for suppressions. This suppressions file can be applied to subsequent threading analysis, or when generating a report from an

 $ inspxe-cl -create-suppression-file "/suppressions/mySup" -result-dir r002ti2
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