Dialog Box: Refine Source File Set

To access this Intel Inspector dialog box: Right-click anywhere in the Filters pane to display a context menu, then choose Refine Source File Set....

Use this dialog box to temporarily limit displayed issues to those from a set of source files.

Use This

To Do This

Search substring field

Enter any portion of a file path to use as a criterion for selecting a file set.


Starting and ending wildcard characters are unnecessary; however, you can use wildcard characters within the substring. For example:

  • The substring i?e displays the video.cpp and asctime.c files in the Matching files list.

  • The substring i*i displays the winvideo.h, find_and_fix_threading_errors.cpp, and task_scheduler_init.h files in the Matching files list.

Matching files list

View the names of all source files available as filter criteria:

  • Before you enter a search substring

  • As you enter a search substring

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