Set a filter to specify which application modules to analyze.


-module-filter <string>


A string specifying the name of the application(s), or child application(s), to analyze. Multiple names can be specified as a string of comma-separated values, with no spaces.


Analyze and collect data on all modules.

Actions Modified

collect, collect-with


Use the module-filter action-option to filter which application modules to include or exclude during collection.

  • Specify which modules to include or exclude.

  • Specified modules are included by default.

  • To filter out the specified modules, use with the module-filter-mode option and specify exclude.


See the module-filter-mode Option Reference for an example of how to exclude files.


This command performs a memory analysis on myApp, but collects data only from the specified module childApp.

$ inspxe-cl -collect mi1 -module-filter childApp --myApp 
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