Opening Results

Intel Inspector analysis results are available during and immediately after analysis is complete.

You can also open previously collected analysis results.

To open a previously collected result:

To Do This

Do This

Open a result from the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI.

Do one of the following:

  • In the Project Navigator pane, double-click the result in the [project] folder.

  • Choose File > Open > Result.... Browse to and select the appropriate *.inspxe file, then click the OK button.

  • Choose File > Recent Results, then choose the appropriate *.inspxe file.

Open a result from a command prompt.

Supply the appropriate *.inspxe file as an argument to the inspxe-gui command. This action launches the Standalone Intel Inspector GUI if it is not already open.

Outcome: The Intel Inspector displays a progress indicator as it loads the result and then displays the Summary window.

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