Start with the Basics

Intended for beginners, this video introduces Intel® Inspector, a memory and threading debugger that helps you find and fix problems. Learn how to use this application to solve common threading and memory errors.

Advanced Documentation

Discover tricks of the trade for filtering by state and automating testing.

Configure a custom analysis to debug stack memory issues.

If you can't lessen your workload, reduce the analysis overhead by using APIs, custom configurations, and more.

This guide provides a detailed methodology for optimizing frameworks.

Use the Persistence Inspector to debug errors in persistent memory.

Enable regression testing and interact with debuggers to efficiently solve root-cause issues.

Training Samples

Learn how to use Intel Inspector with prewritten sample code projects.


To install and set up the sample code:

  1. Share the compressed file on your system or copy it from the installation directory to a writable directory. Depending on your operating system, the default installation directory is either:
    • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools
    • Linux: /opt/intel
  2. Extract the sample from the compressed file. Its contents include a readme file (.txt format) that describes how to build the sample and fix issues.


  • Some sample applications have companion tutorials.
  • Depending on the system and other factors, your results and interface may differ from those shown in the tutorials.
  • The sample applications only illustrate Intel Inspector features and do not represent best practices for creating code.
Name Description
  • Summary: Display a rendered graphical image via 2D ray tracing by detecting memory and threading errors in a C++ application.
  • Data conflicts:
    • Memory leak
    • Invalid memory access
    • Mismatched memory allocation
    • Deallocation
    • Data race
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\C++\
  • Summary: Show an ABCDE banner on the command line by finding memory and threading errors in a C++ application.
  • Data conflicts:
    • Memory leak
    • Invalid memory access
    • Data race
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\C++\
  • Summary: Compute the number of solutions to the n-queens problem for a given board size by locating threading errors in a C# application.
  • Data conflict: Data race
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\C#\
  • Summary: Solve the n-queens problem for various board sizes by detecting threading and memory problems in a Fortran application.
  • Data conflicts:
    • Data race
    • Uninitialized memory access
    • Memory leak
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\Fortran\
  • Summary: Locate persistent memory problems in a C++ application with a database that reads and writes R data to persistent memory.
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\C++\pmem\
  • Summary: Write rending data to persistent memory with a 2D ray tracer (renderer).
  • Location: <install-dir>\<inspector-version>\samples\<locale>\C++\pmem\